I started putting music to the psalms back in the early 90’s. The church I attended had a tradition of singing unaccompanied psalms. This exposure to the psalms motivated me, along with another member, Matthew Jacoby, to put music to the psalms straight from the English text, We found a third musician, Rod Gear and eventually formed the band Sons of Korah.

I played with SOK for a few years after which, I produced a solo album, Songs of Deliverance – 10 psalms set to acoustic guitar based music. My aim was (and still is) to put appropriate musical arrangements to the biblical text as found in our translations, without letting the music determine the word structure. Therefore having the words rhyme, and fit into a standard verse/chorus arrangement is not important. I want people to be able to remember the Word of God verse for verse in both whole psalms and portions. It’s an amazing advantage to your Christian walk when you can have the Word of God stored in your heart and head ready for use in the battle. (see Psalm 119:11).

In 2005 my wife Jane (flautist) and I did a U.S tour to promote Songs of Deliverance. The U.S tour went really well. We ministered in Philadelphia, Pittsburgh, Indianapolis, Denver, Colorado Springs, Phoenix, Seattle, Los Angeles, and San Diego.

After the USA tour we did an Australian tour in 2007, followed by a New Zealand tour in 2009. After some local ministry around Victoria in 2011/12, and a 7 year (3 children) break, Ministry Of Psalms is excited to be back.

About The Ministry

This ministry is essentially a ministry of the Word of God sung and the Word of God preached. At a typical event, ten or so psalms will be presented. People are encouraged to bring their Bibles and read/sing along. Before each psalm is sung, an explanation is given of a particular point of the psalm, and related to the gospel of Jesus Christ and living the Christian life.

Ministry Of Psalms aims to minister at no cost to those it endeavours to reach. There is no booking/agent or performance fee; music sales and any free will offerings help support us. Travel and any accommodation expenses are shared by the participating Churches/Event Organisers.


“For a considerable number of years I have known Jason Coghill and want to commend him to our churches.  He is a gifted musician who has great ability in putting the Psalms to music. In addition he uses his gifts to complement his spirituality and so can speak and sing from the heart of God’s grace. This combination is very important, and through it he can reach young and old in ministry for the Gospel.”
Revd Dr Allan Harman,
Presbyterian Church of Australia, Melbourne.

“We will have no hesitation in using this CD for our programming…yes, this music will bless many.  I have been already.”
Program Manager,
HCJB World Radio Australia

“Jason’s music has reflective warmth and is one of the Gray household’s favorite CDs. Its biblical character is innately transformational and will serve as a catalyst for spiritual revival throughout Christendom.”
Rev. Thomas Gray,
Director, Campus Ministry, Geneva College, USA

‘Jason’s music is meditative, uplifting  and soul inspiring, bringing God close to the listener and the listener closer to God.’
Les K Smith,
Executive Officer, Belgrave Heights Convention. Melbourne, Australia.


“Original musical arrangements of God’s word in a reflective and aesthetically beautiful way. It is inspiring and refreshing… a CD that the whole family can enjoy! I give it my full endorsement – a great album”
Trowel and Sword  Magazine


Air play/radio/TV interviews

89.9 Light FM Melbourne

Face To Face Program Ch.10 Sydney

107.9 Life FM Adelaide

Good News Radio Ballarat

101.9 FM Wagga Life FM

TRAA The Rock Across Australia

1Way FM Canberra

103.2 FRESH FM Sydney

96.3 Rhema FM Geelong

Vision Radio Network

99.9 FM Townsville

For more information, including booking arrangements and any other questions, contact us through this website.