Psalms In Harmony

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An album of Psalms sung straight from the Bible with full instrumentation.
The title track comes from Psalm 120:7 “I am a man of peace but when I speak they are for war.”

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  1. Good unto all men
    (Ps. 145:9—15) Communion
  2. In beautiful and holy robes
    (Ps. 96:9-13) Diadem
  3. Before thee let my cry
    (Ps.119:169-176) Russia
  4. 0 come let us sing
    (Ps. 9511-6) Bon Accord
  5. Ye gates lift up
    (Ps. 24:7—10) New Lydia
  6. God is our refuge
    (Ps. 4621—7) Kedron
  7. Praise ye the LORD
    (Ps. 147:1-11) Thanksgiving
  8. Thee will I praise
    (Ps. 138:1-5) Arnold
  9. In Judah’s land
    (Ps. 7621—9) Martyrs
  10. LORD in thy wrath
    (Ps. 6) Soldau
  11. God’s mercies I will everlasting
    (Ps. 89:1-6) Winchester
  12. I joy’d when to the no
    (Ps. 12221-9) Evangel
  13. O LORD thy judgments
    (Ps. 72:1-8) St. Lawrence
  14. All people that on earth
    (Ps. 100) Old 100th
  15. All you righteous
    (Ps. 33:l-l 1) John Grosser
  16. 0 God in praise
    (Ps. 144:9-11) Lennox
  17. From heav'n O praise
    (Ps. 148) St. Catherines
  18. In all the earth
    (Ps. 8) Torwood
  19. To this my prayer
    (Ps. 102:1-12) Baca
  20. 0 sing a new song
    (Ps. 98) Desert
  21. My heart inditing is
    (Ps 45:1-6) Louisville
  22. The spacious heavens declare
    (Ps. 19:1-6) Clarksville
  23. 0 shout for joy
    (Ps. 100) Glasgow
  24. I to the hills
    (Ps. 121) Abbyville
  25. Lo I do stretch my hands
    (Ps. 143:1-8) Leuchars
  26. How shall a young man
    (Ps. 119:9-16) Holley
  27. The man who once has found
    (Ps. 91:1-4) Woodworth
  28. O God according to thy grace
    (Ps. 51:1-7) St. Kilda
  29. Blessed is each one
    (Ps. 128) Gabriel
  30. But like the palm tree
    (Ps. 92:12-15) Orlington
  31. The trees of the LORD
    Ps. 104:16-26) Ashgrove

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  1. Still Water Revival Books

    This is the highest quality production of metrical Psalms of which we are aware. The combination of God’s inspired Word and the professional singing make listening to this CD an amazingly edifying experience.

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